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Born in the former GDR, Luise Makarov showed an early interest in painting. Luckily art was a part of everyday life growing up and her father – Artist Nikolai Makarov – allowed her to experiment in his studio with paints and brushes, allowing her to unfold freely.

At age eighteen she moved to New York City to finish her studies at the Dwight school, following the next six years traveling the USA, filming and painting.

She moved back to Germany for her cinema-studies (directing) at Dffb (German Film-and Television academy-Berlin). Alongside these studies she was part of the Performancegroup “Häppi Töle” – a female performance-group reflecting upon the common image of woman, rising awareness to our projections, exposing themselves and addressing the viewer in a new, direct way.
Her first feature length documentary “Dear me” premiered at Max Ophüls Film Festival. (“Dear me” is portraying strangers writing to themselves the letter they always wished to receive). Among other Festival, it was nominated for the First Steps Award 2017 and was awarded “Best documentary” at ArtFilmfest MV in 2017.

After giving birth to her daughter she was attending back to her roots: painting and drawing.

Momentarily she is living and working in Berlin.

Luise Makarov Work Space


In her work Luise Makarov moves fluently, working a few paintings simultaneously. The work process is determined by intuition, joy and grounded passion. Through her paintings she is processing lifes’ cycles and complexities in a direct and amusing way. While aiming for depth, she holds desire and pleasure close by.

“When I say pleasure, it doesn’t mean I don’t have to work for it: It is that degree of tension – between playfulness and focus – which gives me the balance I cannot seem to find quite like it elsewhere”

Creating a nurturing variety of colors first, motives emerge from within these colors with expressive lines: big and small observations of (everyday) moments, characters and situations.

“The works are my bridge to the world, saving me in a way. I invite the viewer to connect, recognize and refresh in an freehearted, direct way.”